Virtual Tour

Select a country from secondary sources found on the Internet; compile the following information for at least a five-year period prior to the present on the country you selected. If you cannot find 5-year information, 3-4 years would do.

Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of a city of your choice (include the video of the city if you can) in the country you selected and provide the reasons why you’ll want to do business in the city and the country or why you want tourists to visit the city you selected.

Here is a website that may be very valuable to you as you conduct this research…Observatory Economic Complexity (OEC) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Why did you choose this country? What are your surprises and conclusions about the country you choose? Make sure you provide answers to all the information below…:

  • Name of the city (please provide a picture of the city here as well)
  • Name of the country
  • Capital of the country
  • Chief of state
  • Economic block
  • Principal imports
  • Principal exports
  • Gross national product
  • Currency
  • Form of government
  • Form of economy
  • Major cities and population
  • Principal agricultural crop

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