UOCSB Political and Social Relalities Influenced by Star Discourses Paper

-must write through particular star related issue discusse in class(stars in politics) .

-particularly start with how leo’s rise in stardom and his struggle for AUTHENTICITY through being a pretty face instead of someone serious (through his role in Titanic) to how his most recent roles in (Before the Flood and Revenant) help him create a stance in politics through social conflicts like CLIMATE JUSTICE.

-working thesis: Leonardo DiCaprio captivated us with a new face of cinema in the 1990s, through struggling to create his star persona, he unveiled an emerging social reality using his star platform to influence the world of Climate Justice and bring awareness to political actions and figures that deny this Global conflict.

-must have works cited with minimum of 10 scholarly sources, other sources can be used and still must be cited but not considered scholarly. i have required course readiings that may be put toward the 10 scholarly sources.

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