University of Toronto Evaluation Collaborative Assignment

Evaluation Collaborative Assignment

As the marketing and recruitment officer for the Chamber of Commerce, you require a vehicle for traveling to many different association meetings in Northern Ontario throughout the summer and winter.

In this job, you drive long distances and often in less-than-favourable conditions.In addition, you require a vehicle with sufficient room for electrical equipment and gear, and luggage for two or three working days.Although most of your trips are taken alone, some assignments require two or three others plus their luggage.Although cost is a factor, it’s not the major concern as the Chamber of Commerce states that safety comes first.

Because of the type of driving you do, the Chamber suggested a sports-utility vehicle or minivan.They asked you to obtain information on recent models from local automobile dealers.You conducted Internet research, reviewed several consumer reports which evaluate sports-utility vehicles and minivans, and you talked to several people who drive long distances in the area.Recently, you have, with assistance from head office, narrowed the choice to three vehicles.Minivan X, Minivan Y, and Sports Utility Z.The Chamber now wants you to write a report justifying your selection.Write to the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Northern Ontario.

Minivan X

This vehicle is the most expensive at $40,000 and offers a three-year warranty or 36000 miles whichever comes first.The warranty also offers a new deal in that it includes free road-side service.It has 60 cu. ft. cargo space and gets 21 miles to the gallon.The testing records show a braking distance of 143’ dry and 164’ wet from 60 mph.Also during the crash test, both dummy driver and dummy passenger survived the crash reasonably well.It has an excellent maintenance record.The interior has lots of head and leg room for the driver, in addition, the driver can adjust his seat.The passengers, in turn, have easy access with good head and leg room.And finally, the Minivan X handles turns and rough roads safely and predictably.

Minivan Y

Minivan Y cast $38,000 and gets 21 miles to the gallon.It offers a smooth and quiet ride but does not handle well on rough roads and is not safe on turns.It offers a three-year or 36,000 miles warranty, whichever comes first.It has lots of cargo space at 70 cu. ft.It has a worse than average repair record and poor braking tests at 234’ from 60 mph.The air bag test showed serious injuries to the dummy passenger.This vehicle provides a quiet and smooth ride and offers lots of head and leg room for the driver.Furthermore, the driver can adjust his seat for comfort.The passengers also have easy access with good head and leg room.

Sports Utility

This vehicle offers the best price at $37,000 and an extended time warranty of four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.It rides somewhat like a truck, and tends to plough ahead during hard cornering, but for all that, it is predicable and safe.Because it is new this year, the maintenance record is unknown; however, other vehicles of the same make have only an average maintenance record.It gives good test braking results, 141’ dry and 161’ wet for 60 mph.In addition, the dummy driver survived the air-bag crash test, but the dummy passenger suffered minor injuries.A tall driver will have difficulty with this vehicle as there is little head room; in addition, the seat is not adjustable.The back seat is adequate for two but crowded with three.The cargo space offers 65 cu. ft. of space, but the mileage is only 18 miles to the gallon.


Individually or with a partner, develop an evaluation report following the format discussed in class analyzing the three options available to the Chamber of Commerce and recommending which vehicle to purchase and why. From the information provided, you will need to develop and rank criteria in order to arrive at your conclusions/recommendations.Use the planning form provided to guide you and refer closely to the sample evaluation report provided.

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