Unit VII article Review

Locate and review one of the following articles from the Academic Search Complete database in the CSU Online Library that deals with a situation related to anti-U.S. sentiment in relation to Middle Eastern conflict.

Chipman, D. D. (2005). Desert Storm and the triumph of joint warfare planning. Air Power History, 52(1), 52-65.

Hershberg, J. G. (2003). The War in Afghanistan and the Iran-Contra affair: Missing links? Cold War History, 3(3), 23-48.

Scales, R. H. (2015). Winners and losers from first Gulf War. Army Magazine, 65(8), 51-54.

Other articles are allowed only with professor approval and must be at least six pages long and no more than 20 years old. Write a summary of the chosen article. Include the purpose for the article, what kinds of sources were used (if any), the results, and other pertinent information. Discuss the meaning or implications of the article’s contents as well as any flaws you find in the article. Be sure to address the following in your article review:

What could have made the article better?

How well researched was the article?

How could the author expand on the results?

Your review must be at least two pages, not counting title and reference pages. The CSU Online Library contains a great selection of databases for conducting research. The America: History and Life with Full Text database is a good place to begin your research.