This is an essay not a research paper!!

Reading material: Will and Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization

From the source above and for this week’s topics read the following sections:

Volume 3: Book 3, Book 4

Essay 1 Topic

Please produce an argument either in favor or against the following assertion. “Our world is the world of Rome. Our social institutions, our philosophical bases, our religious institutions in the West, our legal system and many other aspects of our society rest firmly on Roman social and political incentives”.


In writing your essay, please remember that it is not a research paper, so no bibliography and no citation of sources is needed. As an exercise it is meant to provide you with an opportunity to conceptualize the civilization of Rome and its lasting influence. Express your views freely as there is no right or wrong view on the matter.

Please re-read and re-write your drafts as many times as possible. Your writing should be clear and exact. Each paragraph must include a main idea sentence and a supportive argument. Your essay must initially describe the subject in question, in this case the assertion above, and must conclude with your summarized view on the matter. Spelling matters. Grammar matters. Syntax matters. Cohesion of thought matters. Argumentation matters. Originality matters.