Strategic Management – Case Study 5

Please read page # 205 – 207 from chapter 10, “Organizing for Innovation” from the attached book and briefly explain the following questions.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the creative side of Google being run as a ‘flexible and flat “technocracy”’?
  • How does Google’s culture influence the kind of employees it can attract and retain?
  • What do you believe the challenges are in having very different structure and controls for Google’s creative side versus the other parts of the company?
  • Some analysts have argued that Google’s free-form structure and the 20% time to work on personal projects is only possible because Google’s prior success has created financial slack in the company. Do you agree with this? Would Google be able to continue this management style if it had closer competitors?

You are required to respond to the questions thoroughly, in 250 to 350 words for each question. Make sure to follow APA style.

Please Note:

– Do not use repetitive word in the sentence. Using same word many times in the sentence or paragraph is not a good writing practice.
– Grammar, Punctuation and Citations should be correct.
– If you have made a statement in citing a source, it is not necessary to immediately repeat the meaning in your own words. The reader will do that when they read your initial source statement.

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