Sports Facilities M6


1. How would you deal with a hostile crowd at your facility? ( MUST BE 250 WORDS)

Please respond to the following questions:

1. What steps would you take to prepare a facility for an event?

2. What should a facility do when an event is cancelled a few hours before it is to be held and a

huge crowd is starting to descend upon the facility?

3. What are some of the key concerns that need to be analyzed during and after an event?

4. Watch the video on the new NFL Security Policy. How do you think fans will react to this new

policy? Are there and potential problems with this new policy?(ATTACHED BELOW)

Each student is required to attend an athletic event, either professional, collegiate or high school, and

this event should have an attendance of at least 200 people. While at this event, the student should

observe various aspects of the event/facility and write responses to the questions listed below for the


Be sure to thoroughly explain each of your answers to the following questions for the event you


1. Were the accommodations adequate for parking at the event?

2. Was purchasing a ticket/admission to the event an easy process?

3. Were you screened at all when entering the facility?

4. Estimated attendance at the event

5. Was finding your / a seat easy to do?

6. Was the seating area clean and comfortable?

7. Were the concession stands adequate?

8. Were the bathrooms clean and adequate?

9. Was the air temperature inside of the facility comfortable?

10. Were the scoreboards and signage adequate?

11. Were the public address system / acoustics adequate?

12. Was there adequate security at the event?

13. Was there adequate staff to assist with any problems that developed?

14. Were people working for the facility identified with uniforms or specialized clothing?

15. Were you treated properly by all of the staff of the facility?

16. Identify any suggestions you have to make an event run smoother and more successfully at this