SFTY540 Embry Riddle US Preparedness for Mass Fatality Event Discussion

Argue and support your assigned position in a debate on the following topic in the Discussion Board and respond to at least two of your opponent’s posts by the end of the module week.

Synopsis on U.S. preparedness for a mass fatality event:

The U.S. is ill-equipped to handle a pandemic-level mass fatality event with our current approaches to mitigation, planning and response. Keep in mind that a pandemic is classified as “occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population”. An example would be the 1918 pandemic influenza that resulted in more than 650,000 deaths across the United States.

Do you agree or disagree with this synopsis? Your instructor will assign you to either a pro or con debate team. Given the information discussed in this course thus far, and specifically in this module, develop an argument to support your assigned pro or con position on the above synopsis. Respond to two opponents and tactfully debate their posts. Be sure to represent your position(s) with facts and not emotions. Reminder, cite your sources.

Specifically address what should be considered with regard to mass fatality response.

Important to read to know how to format your post: Discussion Debate Instructions

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