Setting Up and Troubleshooting Email

Task 7 Setting Up and Troubleshooting Email

Electronic mail, or email works over the Internet and allows messages to be transmitted between recipients. However, continuous connection is not necessary to write an email, since it will be stored in your computer until the next connection and then sent. While email is really an application rather than part of the hardware, it is a common issue that you will receive questions about as a technician.

Learn about different email services and social media.

  1. Investigate the Top 10 Free Email Services
  2. Review the 2016 Best Free Email Service Reviews.
  3. Investigate different social media
  4. Read Defining Social Media

Learn how to email and use social media.

  1. Work through tutorials Beyond Email
  2. Complete the tutorial How to Rock Social Media
  3. Watch Email Etiquette Series
  4. Watch Email Etiquette 5: Never pre-address and email

  1. Complete the tutorial Office 365: Outlook Essential Training
  2. Complete the tutorial Gmail Essential Training

Design a guide of the types of email and social media would be best for you neighbor. Explain the role of each and why chosen.

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