RSCH8200W Walden University Childhood Trauma Research Paper

Part 1  Create a title page for your Major Assignment 1. Use the Detailed Major Assignment 1 Guidelines at the end of this document for proper formatting of your paper.  Write a problem statement based on your topic of study. Develop a 1- to 2- paragraph statement that is the result of a review of the articles you located on your topic. 1. Briefly describe the phenomena you are interested in studying. 2. Briefly summarize the key findings or what is understood about this phenomena based on the three articles you reviewed. 3. Briefly identify the “gap”—what do you see as an important, relevant, next step in learning more about this topic that would be appropriate for a qualitative study. (Note: As you write your problem statement, use your literature review/metaanalysis article, your theory article, and your research article to support your problem statement. Also, these articles should be included in your annotated bibliography framework.)  Include your Annotated Bibliography section.

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