Robustness testing

Robustness testing measures the behavior of the system under non-standard conditions. Certain inputs may be tested that can ultimately trigger a system to crash or overload in order to assess how a system may fail. Multiple tools are available to perform robustness testing. You can use tools to do robustness testing.

It is not arbitrary and not really conditional. it is a measurement.

“Robustness: By definition, a program is said to be robust with respect to a specification if and only if it behaves appropriately (even) in situations for which the specification makes no provisions;” (Our Required Reading from Quantitative software engineering page 167.)

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Consider the need for robust software testing techniques.
  • Determine the characteristics for a software testing environment that best supports testing the software application you are developing.
  • Discuss the software testing environment you would create and how the environment would support the software testing processes and help the software development project meet its quality goals.

NOTE: Our Textbook section 7.3.1 really does a great job on the Testing Environment.

(True story, on one job interview, many years ago, I was asked the name of my course textbook! So when I started hiring people, guess what I asked!)

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