Response paper

  1. MLA format à this means the page number, header, heading, title, Times New Roman, and size 12.
  2. This is considered an argumentative essay and will be a minimum of 5 fully typed pages. The Works Cited page does not count in the 5 pages. This means that 4 ½ pages does not count. Yes, I will take a ruler and measure page five if it looks too short. To be safe, make sure a sentence or two carries over to page 6.
  3. Now that we have read the following short stories Good Country People, The Waltz, The Tell-Tale Heart, Shooting an Elephant, The Waltz, and watched 12 Angry Men, you are to pick a theme that at least 2-3 of the sort stories has in common. For example, if you pick the theme of death, then look at The Tell-Tale Heart, Shooting An Elephant, and The Minister’s Black Veil, how does death play a role in these short stories? While writing about the theme that you choose remember to use the following:
  1. Ethical choices: thoroughly discuss at least two sides of an ethical choice to be made.
  2. Decision Making: state a position on the issue based on at least three points and offers an opposing view and counterargument supported with primary and secondary database choices.
  3. Consequences: identify the consequences and demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the scope, complexity, and/or magnitude of the consequences.
  1. You must include a Works Cited page (the page that lists your sources).
  2. You must use at least 9 sources five must be from the primary source and 4 from secondary sources. I will provide the information for the short stories that we read this semester (the complete citation).
  3. I know there has been some confusion about primary and secondary sources. I have provided a link to a web site that will help you. At the bottom of these instructions is a chart from this web site. I hope it helps
  1. Do not forget to include in-text citations (parenthetical citations), and do not write around your sources; the sources are there to back up what you are arguing about.
  2. I suggest selecting 2-3 of your favorite short stories and find 1-3 themes . Then, argue your point. In other words, persuade the writer of your point of view.