Research logs

A sample research log (“Sam’s Research Log”) is attached below. Examine “Sam’s Research Log” carefully, and using your own topic create two similar research logs from two separate pieces of your own research. Sam’s log is from a textbook, so it is a bit of overkill. Yours can be half the size of Sam’s or the same size. It depends on the amount of research you find in the piece of research you’re examining. Size of the log does not matter. I am looking to make sure that you know how to keep track of your research. Make sure each of your logs:

1) Starts with the citation information as it will appear on your works cited list.

2) Includes at least two quotes or paraphrases from the piece of research and the page numbers where you found them.

3) Includes some conclusions that you’ve drawn or reached as a result of this particular piece of research.