Religious Tolerance

Religious Tolerance

Please respond to the following:

In this week’s Strayer Story, Steve Stone and Bashar Shala shared their story of faith and friendship that continues to grow between their two communities.

  • What surprised you about Steve’s response to the Memphis Islamic Center?
  • What challenges did Bashar face when he needed to ask Steve about renting a room for Ramadan?
  • Have you ever experienced a challenging situation with someone of a different religion? What influenced your response?

2) Your response must address the discussion question and you must also comment on at least one other student’s post.

3) WEEK 8 Instructor Insights Video OPTIONAL.


Religion is so very important to the core values of society. The very topic can elicit a range of emotions and controversies. I would like for you to review this video regarding the role of religion and morality in society. I think it is very interesting. You will notice that this town hall style meeting takes place in Birmingham—not the city in Alabama but England. If you choose to post your comments, that is fine, keep them respectful. Again this is an OPTIONAL video for this week.

Prof. Royal-Smith

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Do We Need Religion To Create A Moral Society? (The Big Questions)

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