Reading and Response

For this forum, I would like you to consider the readings on Higher Education, and the arguments made. Two authors, Gerald Graff and Mike Rose, focus on a different take regarding “smart.” What do you make of their arguments?

  1. Gerald Graff begins his essay, Hidden Intellectualism” (264) with the view that we generally associate “book smarts” with intellectualism. Graff then provides “street smarts” with anti-intellectualism. Then, Graff provides an extended example from his early life to counter this view point. What do you think of his argument that boyhood conversations about sports provided a solid foundation for his later intellectual life? What support does he provide, and how persuasive is it?
  2. How would you summarize Mike Rose’s overall argument in his article, “Blue-Collar Brilliance” (272)? What evidence does he offer as support? How convincing is his argument?
  3. Imagine a conversation between Gerald Graff (“Hidden Intellectualism”) and Mike Rose (“Blue-Collar Brilliance) on intellectual skills people can develop outside the realm of formal education and the benefit of these skills. What do you think they would agree and disagree about this topic?
  4. What do you make of the detailed description of Rose’s mother as a waitress? How was this description relevant to his argument? Is it an effective opening? Why or why not?