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Total applicants Total hired Total Minority applicants Total Minorities hired Total Majority applicants Majority hired Number of women employees with org. having specified skill set (e.g., Store Managers) Total Number of employees with org. having specified skill set (e.g., Store Managers) Number of women in labor force with specified skill set (e.g., Store Managers) Total Number of individuals in labor force with specified skill set (e.g., Store Managers) 6,600 4,825 1,800 850 4,700 3,700 4,300 22,500 1,097,000 6,500,000 Using the information in table above, calculate the following statistics: 1. a). Workforce Utilization Analysis: Calculate the number of women with the Store Manager specified skill set within the organization as compared to the labor force. b). Are women being effectively utilized? 2. a). Flow Statistic: Calculate 4/5th Rule using the data above. b). Does discrimination exist? c). What should the organization do in response to your analysis of the utilization of women and the hiring of minorities? **************************************************************************************************************** Assume that you work for Mr. Green on a part-time basis helping him with office work at YesterYears Antiques. He is interested in getting your opinion on his turnover and absenteeism data. He hands you the Spreadsheet shown on page 2. The data includes all 3 locations combined for his Houston, Miami, and Mobile stores. 3. Calculate the following statistics and place them on Mr. Green’s spreadsheet: (a) Total Turnover %; (b) Avoidable Turnover %; (c) Absenteeism Rate %. Include your responses to the spreadsheet in your assignment. Please make sure that your results are carried out to at least 1 decimal place. 4. Interpret the turnover and absenteeism rates for Yesteryears. In other words, what would you tell Mr. Green about his turnover and absenteeism trends? What suggestions would you make to Mr. Green based on the results of the reports? Yesteryears Antique Stores Employee Statistics – All Locations; January – June 2016 January February March April May June Turnover Headcount (mid-month) 92 94 92 98 94 90 Avoidable Separations (AS) 5 7 3 1 11 11 Unavoidable Separations (US) 5 3 1 2 8 8 Total Separations (TS) 10 10 4 3 20 18 Total Turnover (%) Avoidable Turnover (%) Absences Number of Workdays 23 20 22 21 23 21 Number of Worker-days Lost 41 22 20 23 53 62 Average Number of Employees 92 94 92 98 84 90