Rasmussen Module 4 Consumer Awareness of Energy Consumption Assignment

Your assignment is to create a visualization map or infographic that increases consumer awareness of energy consumption and the cost of electricity. You should use data from previous assignments in this course to create your visualization map. Your completed visualization map should:

  • Include either quantitative or qualitative data.
  • Include text boxes to highlight key insights about energy consumption.
  • Give the reader an understanding of energy consumption.
  • Show how geography or seasonality affect energy consumption.
  • Include a text box or other visual aid to explain how advancements in technology may reduce the cost of energy.

Your submission may be submitted using either MS PowerPoint or MS Word and should be 1 page in length. A single page is standard for a visualization map and challenges you to focus on being efficient with page space. You may, however, change the page size from letter to legal to accommodate more content.

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