PSYCH2003 University of Colorado Cognitive Neuroscience Discussion Questions

Explain why this statement is false: (2 points)

The hippocampus is important for memory because it is where long-term, declarative memories are stored.

2. Learning how to ride a bike is most related to which type of memory? Which brain region would be particularly important for this? (2 points)

3. Why would working memory be important in helping some one carry on a conversation? (1 point)

4. If an individual sustains a head injury and is no longer able to remember his past (while he is able to form new memories), does he have retrograde or anterograde amnesia? Explain your answer. (2 points)

5. What does it mean when we say that memories are stored, in part, in “domain-specific neocortical regions”? (2 points)

6. Explain Ribot’s law in your own words. (1 point)

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