Professional speaking – Storyboard and Storyline

Create the storyboard and storyline referenced from the examples.

The topic essay is given as “equal pay for equal work”

How: sure it has a clear beginning middle and end using everything you have learned in the class. This is your opportunity to shine showing off you professional speaking skills.

  1. Decide on a topic using the methods reviewed in class
  2. Decide on your single storyline and the information you want to get across. What is the point of the presentation? Why should your audience care about what you are going to tell them?
  3. Then begin by creating a storyboard
    1. Create 8 Blank Power Point slide and write a headline for each page;
    2. Each headline should move the story forward towards letting the audience understand why they should hear what you have to say
  4. Fill each slide with a single image that visually brings home the point you want to make for that slide. (You can add one or two additional images later if appropriate.
  5. Go back to each slide and add 3 to7 bullets that summary the points you want to speak about… these are your talking points.

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