PH1123 Tulsa The Birds and Read Window movies by Alfred Hitchcock Paper

write a two-page (600 word+/-) paper on one (or if you want, both) of the Hitchcock movies, showing what you think is the key issue of the movie(s), based on readings, class discussions, or your own intuitions. Try to show how that issue is a dilemma or problem, not easily solved or even solved at all. Use Freud, Sartre, or Kierkegaard to flesh out your thinking, or any other writers we have read whom you think pertinent

4th Week: (June 17 and 19)

The Birds (1963)Freud, The Uncanny, Eros and Thanatos

Read Window (1954)Sartre, The Look

i have upload the some of the readings plz look at them

thank you

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