NUR3846 Miami Dade College Therapeutic Relationship Questions

  1. Think about what you would do in the scenario presented below and post your ideas.
  2. Post two (2) questions along with your answers.

Hildegard Peplau


  1. During the therapeutic relationship, patients may distort their perceptions of others. Therefore they may relate to the nurse not on the basis of the nurse’s realistic attributes, but wholly or chiefly on the basis of interpersonal relationships existing in their environment. With the patient and nurse roles you have described above, discuss how these distorted perceptions may affect the patient’s care and the nurse-patient relationship.


  2. Considering the nurse-patient relationship created in question #1 above, discuss the phases and the changing roles that would be considered when working with this patient. Consider experiences in which you would or /and would not be able to accomplish the appropriate goals for each phase of the nurse-patient relationship.

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