Negotiations Strategies Paper

Examine a supplier negotiation scenario that occurred using media articles or credible supply chain web sites. Do not use a labor agreement negotiation or a company acquisition/merger for your scenario.

Prepare a 700-word paper in which you analyze the supplier negotiation scenario. Address the following in your paper:

  • Describe the supplier negotiation scenario and the parties involved.
  • Analyze the elements of negotiation(s) from our readings and discussions
  • Describe two (2) negotiation strategies that would be appropriate for your scenario, and one (1) inappropriate,
  • Define how the sourcing organization should prepare for the negotiation and how pricing strategy and cost estimates would be interwoven in the preparation process.

Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level course.

Instructor Hints for Success: Negotiations between two organizations to establish or refine a supplier relationship provide the ideal scenario for this assignment. For example, negotiations that occurred between Apple and its suppliers provide an excellent scenario. Based on the scenario and the culture involved, your research for the individual paper will help highlight the negotiation climate and cultural differences that were encountered and which negotiation strategies would be appropriate or inappropriate. A minimum of three (3) references should be provided for this assignment and integrate citations into your paper’s narrative to support your academic work.