Music Concert Review

Need to have proof for the concert near new jersey.

Please take a look at “concert manners” link on Junction if you have never been to a concert other than a rock concert.

This review should be approximately 2 pages long, double spaced with a font of 12 or 14. and between 500 and 1.000 words.

This assignment may be handed in or submitted through Canvas or email.

You are welcome to see a concert off campus as well. Please read the above genres that are OK to review.

Please bring a hard copy to class by or before the final exam or submit through email or Canvas.

Below is one format for writing a review. This is a guide, but please include:

What Where When Who

Type of music Name at least a few songs or pieces performed

Do research on one thing, whether it’s the group, soloist, instrument, music played, even the venue performed in. If the info is a a direct quote, PLEASE, reference it.

Paragraph 1- description of the event. What kind of music, where, who, what instruments or voices,what kind of ensemble,

Middle Paragraph (may be more than one) Please keep first person to a minimum in this paragraph. There should be little mention of your opinion and more factual information about the music/performers/instruments/venue.
– general comments, maybe a little information about the music played
(go do a little research ) Let’s say it’s a band concert and they are
playing a piece by John Williams that you really liked. Go look it up in
newspaper articles, music reviews or an online encyclopedia. ( it would be great if
you could avoid Wikapedia) Or maybe there was an unusual instrument
being played, research it.

Final Paragraph – Final thoughts, feelings,opinion. Say something about the overall performance. How did the
audience react; did they enjoy it? Would you go to an event like this again?