MAN4720 Florida Atlantic University Picking the Right iPad Presentation

You are required to identify an article related to some aspect of strategy. Articles from the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week and alike are best suited for this assignment.

Please use fully published articles from reputable sources; many internet articles are not detailed enough, nor are they from verified new sources. Your article must be sufficiently detailed to warrant a summary and a presentation. Otherwise you may lose points.

You are required to:

1) write a two-page, double spaced summary of the article. In particular, explain the article and how it relates to strategy. You will hand in this summary for grading, along with a copy of the article.

2) create a SHORT PowerPoint presentation (approximately 3-5 slides, about 3-5 minutes) summarizing the article for the class. You will also hand in a copy of your slides for grading. The last slide of your presentation should be 2-3 questions that should stimulate discussion about the article. Examples may include, is this a good idea, why do you think the company is doing this, how will competitors likely respond, etc.

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