Loud Noise and its Relation to Permanent Hearing Problems

  1. Choose 1 topic from the subject areas listed below
  2. Research journal articles pertinent to your chosen topic
  3. Write a 3-page double-spaced essay about your subject, using the information found in a minimum of 2 of the articles you selected
  4. Remember to cite your sources both in the document and on the reference page using APA style formatting

Topic areas:

  • How can exposure to loud noise lead to permanent hearing problems?
  • Why does having a cold make it harder to taste the flavor of food?
  • Why does pain sometimes persist long after the original trigger for it is gone?
  • State how the eye works, and explain why the eye is not a camera.
  • Describe the basics of how we taste, smell, and feel; and provide one example each of how this determination is made.

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