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“I do think millennials are unique in the work place for a variety of reasons. First because they bring a new fresher look into the work place. Millennials keep up with the times and technology, which means they could be better suited for many positions within a company. Keeping up to date with technology and the evolution of society is extremely important in the workplace and millennials do a great job of staying as current as possible. By keeping up with the times company can remain ahead of the game and prepared for the future. According to Jeff York of Forbes.com, ” Technology has become completely unified into the everyday life of millennials. They no longer ask for sufficient technology at their jobs; they expect it.” This quote really stood out to me in tis article because it is completely true. Coming from personal experience i work for Frito Lay and when i first started the handheld used to put in orders for my job were over 25 years old, dusty, old, slow and constantly froze on us. Working for a multi-billon dollar company you expect top of the line technology which was not provided at first. Eventually the company upgraded and it helped me perform more efficient in my job. So as a millennial i do expect excellent technology at work because it not only helps me but also helps the company as well.

Millennials also make great leaders in my opinion, due to their understanding of each individuals person. According to Larry Alton of Forbes.com he wrote an article named 5 Ways, “Millennials Will Transform The Workplace in 2018.” Alton states, “that millennials will set a new standard of leadership within the workplace.” Millennials now hold 20 percent of all leadership roles as of 2018 and that number is only growing. Millennials prioritize values,ethics, flexibility and feedback. These are all crucial factors in a workplace, they inspire improvement and honesty within the work atmosphere.”