Leadership and Strategic Planning and TQM Leadership

Leadership and Strategic Planning and TQM

Leadership and Strategic planning has been attracting a great deal of attention and acquiring newer shades of the meaning in the Total Quality Management (TQM) movement. Empowerment is “in†and delegation attracts little concern (although empowerment is no more than proper delegation with a new finish on it.

Exercise and Discussion.

Identify the differences between total quality management and traditional concerns for quality in corrections.
The “Elevator “Speech
You are a supervisor in a correctional facility that has just announced the introduction of a total quality management process that will eventually involve all employees in all departments.

Write a short informal speech, perhaps no longer than two to three paragraphs, consisting of 8-10 sentences in total, that you can use to explain concisely to someone who asked, “What is this quality stuff all about and how can you use it in an institution?†Since time is frequently limited in circumstances in which people may communicate almost literally while passing, it is helpful to have a clear, well-thought-out response to such questions ready at all times. This kind of response is often referred to as an elevator speech because you can deliver it in full between one or two elevator stops.