IS Strategic planning Case studies and analysis

Please find every thing attachments.

1-3Q: GE case study

4-6Q: BOO.Com case study

7-9Q: 4.4 read vignette (attached chapter 4)

10-12Q: 5.3 read vignette cio (Attached chapter 5)

13-15Q: connie cloth (chapter3) (Attached)

16-20Q: Answer those question (refer text book)

21- 25: Project 2

Questions are in +BATCH3-HW2-Case-Studies-v2.doc.

C03-chapter 3, C04-Chapter 4, C05- chapter 5.

Project 2 description also attached.

please follow the instruction answer accordingly. please follow APA format. Add reference pages . they will check turnitin matching

let me know if you have any questions