Investigate major developments in the natural sciences for informing critical questions that drive scientific inquiry ● Articulate the value of the natural sciences for their impact on contemporary issues

Throughout Themes 3 and 4, there are several opportunities to work directly on different elements of this project:

1. In Learning Block 5-1, you will consider the benefits and value of studying the natural sciences.

2. In Learning Block 5-3, you will identify the major developments in the natural sciences that are related to your topic.

3. In Learning Block 6-2, you will think about how developments in scientific thinking impact the way science is carried out.

4. In Learning Block 6-3, you will reflect upon how developments in the sciences influence the types of questions that researchers ask.

5. In Learning Block 7-1, you will question the importance of your selected topic and research question to you and the world around you.

6. In Learning Block 7-2, you will consider the benefits of understanding the science behind issues that you see in the news, and you will consider how it

might impact those around you. You will also practice creating a presentation that addresses these issues.

7. In Learning Block 7-3, you will consider the ethical concerns of your selected topic.

8. In Learning Block 8-2, you will again consider the importance of being an informed citizen, and you will reflect on the value of understanding and

studying the natural sciences.

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