I need a Rough Draft and Reflexive Essay about “Of Water and the Spirit.”

please when you write the essay DO NOT forget that you write instead of a guy who from Saudi Arabia culture.

Rough Draft 1-Peer Review







Reflective essays often focus on an experience and your explanation of how that experience changed you or aided in your growth as an individual. In short, reflectiveness achieves learning but also leaves you changed as a result.

Ask yourself, “HOW HAVE I BEEN CHANGED?”

Often a challenging form of learning reflective essays are important for developing critical thinking skills and learning how to express opinions in greater depth. Because reflective essays center on your perspective of a particular experience. You have been assigned a reading journal to record your intellectual journey during the reading of Of Water and the Spirit. You should write the reflective essays in the first person and past tense, and frame your thoughts in them in a logical order.


I am gonna upload the rest of requirements in the file.

3 pages



There is a question that said ” -How have you been changed after engaging the text and from class discussions? ” i need you to answer it and add that i did not go to class because i was homesick after my aunt died and you can add whatever you want like the past weeks i wasn’t ok of that because she was like my mom.

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