How to reduce suffering?

Follow instruction I attach below. I also attach sample philosophy paper, book’s pages for relate this topic

In this “Guidelines For The Philosophy Paper,” I shall provide the following: (1) “The Instructions,” (2) “The Recommended Outline of the Philosophy Paper,” (3) “The Sample Cover Page Form,” and the “Appendix 01

Using sources from text book that I attach below in files’ name “Phil 104 page 59-71” (just read from page 59-64 about middle way topic), and “Phil 104 page 100-106″(Just read page from 100 to 102) , find more philosophy researcher like Thich Nhat Hanh and Dalai Lama, other sources on Internet.

Professor suggested 3 points to claim in reduce suffering: “Cling to nothing, Empty your mind, No mind or Have no mind”. And he also wants to use “The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism” to write this research paper.