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Please see attaachments for case study and m2 assignment and feedback is at bottom! In this assignment, you will practice your diagnostic skills in preparation for your final assignment. It is important to understand how to diagnose and how to provide a rationale for the diagnosis you choose. Therefore, after reviewing the provided resources, you will further develop and expand on the diagnosis you provided, state the appropriate diagnosis using the correct coding and recording format, and expand on your rationale for the differential diagnosis. In addition, you will discuss potential treatment considerations, referrals, and ways to assist a client in utilizing a safety plan.


Review the following resources:

In an APA formatted Microsoft Word document:

  • Expand on the diagnosis developed in Module 2 for the video vignette. On the basis of the feedback received, provide the appropriately coded and recorded diagnosis.
  • Expand on the rationale, citing the diagnostic criteria that support the diagnosis chosen, and expand on your rationale for the differential diagnosis.
  • Expand on how cultural and developmental factors are assessed and integrated into the diagnostic process.
  • Provide some referrals and potential treatment options for this client on discharge from the hospital.
  • Discuss the use of a safety plan with this client. Consider what components need to be included in the safety plan.

Submission Details:

M2 Feedback

PC6712-NAC_M2A2_Grading_Rubric feedback: , very good work choosing this article and further discussing the impact of suicide. You needed to also address ethical factors, which should entail including the ACA standards. Good work discussing stigma associated with suicide, you can just expand this by talking about the diagnostic conditions (see embedded feedback). See the APA corrections, but overall nice job on the writing structure. Good work overall.