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What makes your institution to be the best in offering high-quality early childhood


We ensure that that the adopted curriculum is well-rounded such that it offers and promotes all

the development areas and deal with child health, diet, and the needs of the family. The learning

system ensures effective learning as we assess the children and identifies the areas of concerns

which need to be addressed with the immediate effect. The college has supportive employees

who are well-educated, adequately skilled and paid to make them highly motivated to continue

working and offering the best to the children. We have also set small class sizes and low teacher-

child ratio making every student to acquire full attention from the teacher.

How do you ensure that the children benefit from the program?

we have set up a culture that is result oriented. The institution is set up in an appropriate

environment, have quality staff who frequently checks on children‘s progress, parents are

involved in the learning as they assist children with homework and offer motivation to their

children. The schedules are consistent and balanced, which prevents children from being rushed

and end up being tired. Moreover, we have established a firm base in early literacy, verbal


the growth of the learners, and early math. Children apart from being taken

through purposeful learning activities, they are also engaged in a play directed by teachers and

helps in their growth, and breaks the monotonous of classes.

What roles do the professional team in teaching play?

They assist the children to familiarize with books and other printed materials for learning which

contributes to increasing the learner’s knowledge. Most importantly, they help children in

developing language abilities, to learn letters and sounds, to count numbers and recognize them.

It is through the help of the teachers that the students can effectively communicate through

spoken language, non-verbal communication and written form of communication.

What are the strategies that the teaching team have established to build children skills and

nurture the children’s natural curiosity and zest for learning and how do they accomplish

their teaching goals?

The teachers help children to develop listening by reading aloud to them and speaking skills

when responding to questions since the teaching actively involves the students. The learning

system also involves the parents and caregivers. There is an evaluation system to identify the

strengths and weaknesses of the children as well as to identify their talents to be nurtured. The

teachers formulate children’s knowledge background and build their thinking skills. Children

are taught about books, letters, print, and sounds of the spoken language.

What are the rewards of teaching young kids?

Teaching young children is amazing as one gets to explore the world through the children’s eyes

as one listens to them as they talk, play and dusting them when they fall. I have realized that

children have plenty of ideas and they are creative and it is inspiring to listen to them. Children

teach a lot as they play how they coordinate and work together as they play, how they are kind

and generous with their play toys and they build social, cognitive and emotional skills.

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