HMD307 CSN Mistakes Employers Make in Performance Reviews Questions

Formatting is: 1” margins all around, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.

It has to be one and a half page for each question and total of 5 pages.

Question 1:

The book doesn’t do a very good job describing what kind of “files” should be kept on every employee. It suggests that one file will do. I disagree. I think every employer should keep five (5) very distinct files on each employee, one being a very generic “HR” file that contains everything that doesn’t go into the other four very specific files. Do some research and see if you can figure out what the other four types of files I’m referring to.

Question 2:

Do some research and identify the most common mistakes employers make in performance reviews. Why do some managers hate the process? What should employers do to ensure that performance review are meaningful and useful if the employer gets sued?

Question 3:

Do some research and identity the top twelve things that should be in every good employee handbook. Then, tell me what should be on the very first page of every employee handbook…and why.

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