History class forum

This week we are discussing revolutions. We have been discussing or your readings for the last week have been hinting at revolutions.

For this forum you will visit Fordham’s Internet History Sourcebook. A place where you can find primary sources.

It is located here at this website http://legacy.fordham.edu/Halsall/mod/modsbook.asp

If you cannot open the site via the forum here, you will need to copy and paste the link into a new window, I have also put the link on the side tool bar.

You will go down to the section called “The Transformation of the West Scientific, Political, and Industrial Revolution” and “The 19th Century and Western Hegemony”

Under these two headings are topics – they will be listed below. You are to go into these topics and look at the primary source. The topics are as follows:

Scientific Revolution


American Revolution

French Revolution

Industrial Revolution


Once you have looked around, you are to choose a primary source to discuss. Some of these primary sources are short but it is your responsibility to do some outside research.

The assignment for this discussion forum –

Choose a primary source – make sure the title and the links are at the beginning of your discussion so your peers can access your source.

Discuss the source, what the author implying or saying? What was going on at the time for the primary source? Give any other pertinent information dealing with your source.

You do need a bibliography – minimum of two sources.

Requirements for forum responses.

Word Minimum for initial response — 250-300 words. Formatted correctly