HIST102 Northern Virginia Universal Declaration of Human Rights Essay

The Essay, approximately 400 to 600 words in length, double-spaced with introductory and conclusion paragraphs, and properly cited, that you will write in the testing lab is as follows: (Use the hyperlinks to view the documents below.)

How was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) similar to the Declaration of the Rights of the Russian People (1917), the French Declaration of the Rights of Man (1789), the American Declaration of Independence (1776) and the English Bill of Rights (1688)? (A copy of the UN text will be provided for you. Note that you DO NOT have to focus on the English Bill.)

Required (Use Hyperlinks): Please take the time to organize your thoughts in a logical manner. Please be sure to read the short background information and listen to Nelson Stewart, former student in HIS 112, created an online, narrated Prezi on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

1. Compare and contrast this document with the English, American, French and Russian declarations of rights?
2. Why was this document written in 1948?
3. Were there any restrictions on human rights noted in the Universal Declaration?

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