Herzing University Online Unit 7 Analyze: Public Health Risk

Unit 7 Assignment – Key Assessment (CO#3)

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Analyze: Public Health Risk

Estimated time to complete: 6 hours

You are the Clinical Services Manager in a small metropolitan area hospital. You just received a call from the Emergency Department manager informing you of a patient recently admitted who tested positive for Ebola. This

poses a public health risk and will require timely and professional action to protect and inform the public, and

health care

Title: Public Health Risk

In approximately one paragraph, explain the conversation you will have with the Emergency Department manager.

  • You may include any questions (for the manager) or specific instructions in bullet point format.

In a separate paragraph, explain the action you will take, including who you will contact to inform of the situation.

  • On a separate page, craft a one-page press release regarding the Ebola-positive patient.
  • Be sure to address the hospital’s safety protocol for patients and staff, and public health risk information.

In 500 words or less, address the ethical issues to consider in this scenario and summarize how you would

the patient’s rights, and privacy while complying with the necessary authorities.

A minimum of three references should be used for this assignment.


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