Georgian Court Circles of Inferno Dante Alighieri and Punishment Paper

  • 1000 words.
  • MLA format — you are required to learn and implement MLA properly, including a complete and correct heading on the upper left hand corner of the paper, proper headers with page numbering in the upper left hand corner of each page, correct line spacing, proper formatting of text titles, etc.
    • Include a Works Cited page for the primary texts you’re using; if choosing Option C, then secondary sources must also be acknowledged on the Works Cited page.
  • Essay Title.
  • Thesis, topic sentences, full development of ideas, including with plenty of illustrations (quoted, paraphrased and summarized) from the texts.
  • No secondary sources
  • College-level vocabulary.
  • Standard English grammar.
  • Incorporation of appropriate terminology (see the Modules and all the readings). For example, if it’s a poem, then the person who wrote it is called a poet; if it’s a play, then the person who wrote it is a playwright.
  • Consult the essay grading rubric.
  • A paper that clearly has not been proofread or written seriously is not acceptable.

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