Financial Analysis Projection Report

Imagine you are a newly hired manager at a publicly traded, global corporation of your choosing. (Your instructor must approve your choice. You may also choose a non-publicly traded organization, if your instructor verifies that the organization has sufficient financial information available to complete the project.) You have been asked to review the company’s past and current financial performance and health and make initial financial projections in order to begin planning for the upcoming year. Your supervisor is particularly interested in a fresh perspective on what your analysis reveals about potential risks and opportunities, as well as recommendations for next steps. Because you will eventually need to convince internal stakeholders, including senior management, of the feasibility and desirability of your suggested activities, it is important that you justify your projections and recommendations, explaining how they were informed by existing information and modeling different scenarios. Your financial analysis and projection report will include several financial tables, along with a comprehensive narrative describing the organization’s context, financial performance and health, and your analytical approach and conclusions. Your report should be geared toward an executive audience with basic accounting and finance knowledge and should be well organized, clear, concise, convincing, and free of distracting errors. Note that, in addition to the organization’s financial statements and website, other authoritative news sources—such as annual reports and external sites like—may offer insights that facilitate analysis or provide information on the organization’s priorities, challenges, and geographic distribution.

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