explain the impact of sexual orientation and gender identity on adult health.

Assignment Overview: You will develop a six (6) slide minimum presentation to explain the impact of sexual orientation and gender identity on adult health.
Imagine the audience for your presentation will be other students in your major here at Kaplan University.

Steps to Developing the Presentation:

Find at least one article in the KU library that adds to the information from the assigned reading by Conron et al on the relationship between sexual
orientation and gender identity and adult health. Hint: Check the reference list at the end of the assigned article to see if one listed there will work.

Assimilate the ideas from the Conron et al article and the article that you found to develop a presentation that gives a clear picture of relationship
between sexual orientation, gender identity, and health.

Determine how the information you are presenting will be helpful to those in your current or future career field.

Formatting the Presentation

Choose a simple PowerPoint 速 background.

Include minimal text in bulleted form on each of at least six (6) slides. Use the NOTES section under each slide to fully explain the points being made on
that slide and to add references to substantiate the ideas on each slide. Substantiate your ideas with citation references to the course material and the
article you located.

Create an introductory slide that identifies your field of study and suggests a way that the information you are about to present may be useful to others
in your field. For example:

Women and Heart Health: Can Gender Identity Aid Nursing Professionals in Providing Better Patient Centered Care?

Summarize your presentation. Use one slide near the end of the presentation to explain how the information you have presented can be applied to the real
life experiences of people in your future career field.

Add title and reference slides.

Review the Unit 6 Assignment Rubric from your Syllabus to be sure that you have included the required elements in your presentation. If you have any
questions, please contact your instructor for help.

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