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Regulate the exportation of the vehicle as per the manufacturing date

The management of the environmental control in a country should be concerned with policies that are critical to improve environmental emissions and conserve the environment both at the local and international levels. For the case of Mexico, the policy in place allows the citizens to import used vehicles from the United States and Canada whose manufacturing year’s traces back to 15 years (Cherniwchan, 2017). While these vehicles are generally less polluting than the average Mexican car, their net emissions represent a big issue considering how their lifetime in Mexico extends compared to what would have been the average lifetime in the United States or Canada. The environmental control and policymakers in Mexico should regulate the importation of the used vehicles basing on the manufacturing dates of the car. For instance, the optimal import could be the vehicles manufactured not more than eight years.

Reducing the number of years a vehicle has been operating in the United States soil, could help reduce the level of emission and after that retirement rates of these vehicles in Mexico could significantly decrease over time. About the North American Free Trade Agreement, (NAFTA) Mexico could take advantage of the policy but by them; regulate the consumption since the effects of the emission are adverse on their side more than what it is on the side of the manufacturer. It is, therefore, the critical role of the importation country to understand the impact of these importations and make a definite policy to control the same (Kirton, & Maclaren, 2018).


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