environmental issues feedback

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In my opinion it is impossible for countries to agree on anything. It is impossible for countries to cooperate at the international level. I also believe that countries instead of cooperating and agreeing on environmental problems it will lead to an even more intense international conflict. I believe that as a result of countries having different views and problems it will make it harder in the near future for countries to agree on any international agreements. In addition I believe that the egos of the people at the top of every government in every country will make it even harder.

One international environmental problem that affects everyone in the world is the use of resources. This is a problem that should be examined to the full extent by all the leaders of every country, and should come into an agreement that benefits all parties. It is important to examine the depletion of resources because at the way they are being used up and wasted it will make it nearly impossible for future generation to live sustainably. In my opinion this is an environmental issue that has to be resolved at an international level with an international agreement. Another environmental problem that has to be studied is climate change recently the United States decided to remove themselves from the Paris agreement, now it is important for all countries to be on the same page when it comes to climate change. This is another environmental issue that has to be resolved for the benefit of all and future generations.