environmental issues feedback

For this assignment you will respond in your own 220 words to the fllowing. I am not asking your opinion about grammar. I am asking you to provide a response regarding the information, and topic presented below.

I think future environmental issues will give way to more international cooperation. Just basing this off of the way the world in the United States has been changing to accept people for who they are. There are so many protests and people speaking out about how the government and other groups of people shame those who are “different” and want to make their lives ok with the rest of the world. Based on this, I think this mentality will spill over into other nations, causing race and religion differences to become extinct. This in turn will get people to start helping those in need who do not have sufficient supplies of water and food, especially for women and children in impoverished areas. Everyone makes a big statement about how children are mistreated here in America and women are not treated as equal to men here at home. I think this way of thinking will eventually run into other nations once they see that when people speak out, things can change and we can all work together.

Two international environmental problems I see that can be fixed soon is water and food shortages in certain nations. In poorer countries, they have problems with the not being able to afford clean water or not being able to access water that is nearby or possibly farther away from where they live. These countries also have problems with the sanitation levels of the water and climate issues that cause water to become less usable or scarce. I can see nations coming together to provide cheaper ways to distribute clean water for those in need and also finding ways in these countries for them to have access to the groundwater that is already there. People can teach these countries how to reserve the water that comes from rain and bodies of water and turn this water into clean water to use. I also see more nations coming together to distribute healthy, non-diseased food to countries in need. I can also see people coming together in these parts of the world to find ways where they can grow and raise their own food in healthy environments. This in turn will allow these countries to be on the same level as others and trading more goods can become possible for underdeveloped countries.