English 2311 three projects 5, 6, and 7

Textbook: https://dcccd.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-12014852-dt-content-rid-78368372_1/courses/2018SP-ENGL-2311-42400/Technical-Writing.pdf

Project 5

For ONE topic below, create and organize into a tentative outline most suited to readers of this particular type of document. Then write a memo explaining the process.

Instructions for operating a power tool

a detailed breakdown of your monthly budget to trim excess spending

a report investigating the success of a no-grade policy at other colleges

Be sure to put all this in one document and submit to the link below. Remember, you have to make an outline and a memo for ONE topic from the three above.


Project 6

Write a 2-3 page proposal on ONE of the following topics:

1. Containing textbook costs

2. Students connecting through service

In your proposal, present possible solutions/ideas for ONE of the above topics.


Project 7

You have been appointed by your manager to be team leader for an important new project. The team involves people from the following countries:





United States

Your first assignment is to come up with a communication plan.

You decide that given the time differences, the team should use email as its primary means of communication. But you know that when people write using email, there can be misunderstandings due to tone, style, and levels of directness.

These issues might be amplified by the differences in cultures between team members.

Research the different cultures on the internet and read about email communication in your textbook.

Then write an email to the team outlining guidelines for communication for this project.

Remember that the email you send needs to reflect the guidelines you are proposing.

This email must be at least one page and to be submitted in the link below. Do very careful research and the tone of the email must be all-inclusive and take into account the different cultures.