ENGL300 Northwestern College Business Plan on Opening a Checking Account

Rough draft is attached with professors feedback, need to revise it based on his needs and corrections for final paper. This assignment is due 6/13/19 Thursday evening. Need an A paper on this assignment. Follow directions please. I believe references need to be listed as well. Below are attached additional assignments used to make and develop this business plan assignment. Review the attached please to follow business plan paper correctly.

Professors feedback on my rough draft for this business plan attached below:

Good draft

Be sure to put it into full essay form (take it out of outline form) for the final

I like the uniformity of the the info – you were consistent insofar as keeping the issues succinct.

Still, you wrote 627 of 2000 words – so, as of right now, it would be, if absolutely perfect (even though there is still room for great improvement), a B- … if this draft were the final or similar to it, it would probably earn a low D / high F.

The lack of words does not just affect the second criteria but all of the others except APA format and structure

In the intro, the pitch is sufficient, but I don’t really see a background/history or status quo of the situation for why this pitch is essential

In Body (A), you could definitely cite business websites and be specific about their information. It’s good to show all three and their similarities, but what about highlighting the differences?

In Body (B), the specifics of the survey are lost. You should absolutely talk about the process more, the demographics of the people you surveyed, and how they play into the plan more. Also, while you speak positively of the survey, you should also identify its weaknesses (this wouldn’t hurt you; rather, it would give you a better unbiased view).

In Body (C), I do not see elements of library research. Regardless, remember to cite anything that comes from anywhere other than your mind.

In the Conclusion, I don’t see evidence of you having followed the directions.

This draft would be a fine start if I saw it awhile ago. Given the limited amount of time, it requires a major revision. You may submit it on Thursday evening, 6/13 (without exception).

This was the rough draft information sent by my professor:

Hello A,

Please follow the steps below to complete your Independent Study Rough Draft (which is due, uploaded to Moodle, by Saturday, 6/8).

1. Use APA format

2. Develop a Business Plan based upon the previous exercises in the class.

3. Write a 2000 word essay that details this plan.

INTRO use the pitch as the introduction and then provide background/history and current state of affairs for the industry/product/service you’re highlighting

BODY split your body into three parts

a. research from other similar businesses and looking at the features (like the assignments from former modules)

b. survey results and how they can affect (positively/negatively) the overall plan

c. research from library database on aspects that affect the business


Project how the plan will work – how long it will take (schedule) – what resources are necessary to make it a total reality


Proper APA format (5 pts.)

Follows structure above (10 pts.)

At least 2,000 words (citations and quotes and anything unoriginal does not count toward this total) (20 pts.)

Background/history and current state of affairs clearly articulated (15 pts.)

Properly uses at least four different business websites to support plan (15 pts.)

Properly uses at least three different library database sources to support what will affect business (15 pts.)

How plan will work is clearly articulated (10 pts.)

Schedule and resources are clearly articulated (10 pts.)

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