ENG124 GCCCD Graphic Novels and Comics Can Move a Story Analysis

I will have all directions and articles attached.

Use the two articles I used in my essay that I began. Reference off of the essay I began, and feel free to just add to it or change things however you would like. It must bee 1500-2000 words total. I have my thesis highlighted in yellow, and topic sentences highlighted in green. Each body paragraph focuses on a single topic, which the attached pdf titled “guidelines” will show each of the topic we could choose from. there are 4 body paragraphs total.

My teacher reviewed what I have completed so far, and had commentary. I will attach her commentary so that you know what to fix. Thank you!

Teacher Commentary:

Michelle: Overall, you are on the right track, though you don’t have a lot written here. Hopefully, seeing the student sample papers this week will help you out with the writing process. Here are a few specific things to keep in mind: 1) Don’t forget a header. 2) Come up with an original title that not only includes the topic of graphic novels/comic books but also indicates that this paper will perform a rhetorical analysis. 3) Work on semi-colon vs. comma use. 4) Thesis is on the right track, but what specific rhetorical elements can you come up with besides evidence? Examples and personal experience are part of evidence. Look to your topic sentences for examples of what I mean, such as counterargument, appeals, etc. 5) Your topic sentences look great. Just be sure to put whatever rhetorical element you’re comparing in bold.

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