ENG102 CCCHWC High Schools and Career Discussion

                             “Should High Schools Do More to Prepare You for Careers?

  1. Identify a contemporary social problem, which involves exploring two to three related topics of interest to you – again, these topics should be related to each other, even if the connection is distant/tenuous.     
  2. Identify at least five sub-topics or related issues to your selected social problem. 
    1. Define and describe each one.
  3. Provide at least eight research questions, designed to: 
    1. Answer basic or fundamental questions about your selected social problem.
    2. Explain the context of the problem.
    3. Explain the connections between the sub-topics or issues related to the selected social problem.
    4. Provide novel solutions or suggest actions that may offer new insights into the problem.
  4. Draft a hypothesis–a preliminary thesis statement in which you establish: 
    1. What you will be arguing–your argumentative stance. This can take a variety of forms–causal, definitional, evaluative, proposal, rebuttal, or a combination of two or more of these.
    2. How you plan to argue it–your process. This usually takes the form of a series of statements about the kinds of evidence and approach you plan to take in order to prove your position, stance, or thesis.
    3. Why it matters to anyone other than you–this is sometimes referred to the “exigency.” It is a statement that indicates the greater social, political, moral, etc. significance of the topic.
  5. Locate two sources from from at least two of the six databases we studied in the previous weeks. 
    1. Provide full MLA or APA citations for both.
    2. Attach them to this post as PDFs.
  6. Explain the reasons you are drawn to this social problem. 
    1. This explanation should be compelling and detailed.

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