EDMG220 American Military Week 6 Human Responses to Disasters Discussion

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Class: EDMG220 Emergency Planning

Important: ** I will Post Forums and Response to my class ok. Just send me in 12pt Microsoft Word. I will send you the two responses in a few Thank you**

During this week’s readings, you will learn about human response to hazards, disasters, emergencies, or catastrophes. For this assignment, discuss how you think you would respond to a hurricane, a terrorist incident, and a home fire. How are your natural responses similar or different from the guidelines provided in the text? Why do you think these similarities and differences occur? If you have had actual experience with one or more of these events, please feel free to include your authentic experiences. Please start a new thread when creating your initial post and write any responses to others within their existing discussion threads. To receive full credit, be sure to respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Please write a minimum of 250 words for your initial post due by 11:55pm ET on Thursday.

Please thoughtfully reply to at least two other students due by 11:55pm ET on Sunday.

Your replies must contain a minimum of 75 words.

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