Discussion — The Marketer’s Task

“The marketer’s task is the same whether applied in Lubbock, Texas or in Lusaka, Zambia.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

I wrote the question on the top and it is a discussion so I want you to write me at least 150 words and then I will give you one of the other student’s discussion after they reply to comment on. If what I said is not clear ask me and I will explain more to you. I need the best work you can give me and please no plagiarism. The best work you give me, the more tasks you gonna do for the whole semester.

Please ensure that you respond to the discussion question and then return at least one more time to respond to other participants. Participation for each unit is worth a maximum of five (5) points. Points are earned based upon the quality of your participation.

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