discussion reply 2 2 peers

In Learning Blocks 2 and 3, you will examine the history of social sciences. For your initial post, reflect on the timelines of the social sciences provided. What event or perspective presented in these timelines is most interesting to you and why? How does this event or perspective change how we study individuals, groups, or cultures?

Read your classmates’ initial posts. Then reply to two of your classmates, discussing how their chosen event can be seen in the modern applications of the social sciences. Consider how this event changed how social scientists work today. Additionally, how did the historical developments of the social sciences influence its evolution and uses today? Consider how changes in society led to this event.

To create a new post, click the “Start a New Thread” button after accessing the discussion board. You can title your thread any way you choose.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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